Auction (Silent & Grand) Terms & Conditions

Thank you for attending the Dragon Christmas Charity Sale and for being so generous with your bids. In keeping with the spirit and objects of the charitable nature of the Sale, you accept that with respect to the auctions:


  • No guarantees are given in relation to the prizes.

  • Descriptions of the prizes are of a general nature only.

  • Telephone bidding is permissible

  • You have taken note of the applicable time limits or restrictions as to when they need to be taken up and such other conditions that are relevant to specific prizes.

  • Any default arising from the prizes (for instance whether they have not been fulfilled or if they do not meet your expectations) shall not give rise to any compensation or action

  • Your entitlement to the prizes will only be valid upon receipt of payment which must be received by 15 February 2019 latest.

  • The money that you agree to pay for the prizes is accepted as a donation to the Charity and as such cannot be refunded.

  • In making a bid, you acknowledge that your attention has been drawn to these terms and that you agree to them.

  • Experience cannot be resold or re-auctioned or transferred.

  • The donor will indicate when the donation expires or should be claimed by.

  • All Hampers to be collected on the day of the sale.​

Additional Terms & Conditions for Lot #13 in the Live Auction donated by Jenny Saville:

There are strict legal terms applicable regarding any future sale of this drawing:

1. The drawing may not be offered for sale at public auction during Artist’s lifetime.

2. If Buyer decides to sell the Work during the Artist’s lifetime, Artist or a designated representative shall have the right of first refusal to purchase the drawing at the price asked by Buyer or, if declined, at any lower price that Buyer is subsequently willing to accept from a third party. In each such case, Artist shall have 30 days from receipt of written notice from Buyer to decide whether to purchase the drawing at the applicable price.

3. If Buyer transfers ownership of the drawing by way of gift to any other person or entity, Buyer shall ensure that the foregoing agreement not to sell at auction and right of first refusal are included for the benefit of Artist as part of any such transfer of ownership or subsequent transfer of ownership.

4. Any notices to Artist shall be sent to the following address: Cristina Colomar, Gagosian, 20 Grosvenor Hill, London, W1K3QD (or by email at, or such other address as Artist shall subsequently notify Buyer to use instead.

5. This agreement shall be binding on the Buyer’s heirs, executors and assigns.

Additional Terms for Properties in the Auctions:

  • The host will expect all winning bidders and their guests to conduct themselves appropriately.   

  • Adherence to any rules or parameters is a must.

  • All dates of use of the properties are to be mutually agreed upon between the donor and the winning bidder.

  • Travel is not included unless stated otherwise.

  • Donations have been made with the expectation that they will be used by members of the Dragon community


The Dragon Christmas Charity Sale is registered in England and Wales as a Charity (No. 1106073), and our registered address is The Lodge, Bardwell Road, Oxford OX2 6SS, United Kingdom.