Authors' Corner

Authors' Corner has been a major fixture and highlight of the Dragon Sale for many years. It functions as a sort of 'mini-literary festival', with the chance to meet authors and get signed copies of their latest books, which can make special and personal Christmas presents for family and friends.

All Authors’ Corner operations are underpinned by The Dragon Sale’s ethos of philanthropy. Authors do not get a cut of Authors’ Corner sales but are paid a royalty by their publishers based on the number of books purchased. Publishers supply books to The Dragon Sale on very favourable terms and also cover all delivery costs. This leaves a very high margin in each book sale – at least 50% of the cover price - to go directly to the charities our children choose. Thank you very much for your support, we hope you enjoy meeting all the authors.

Authors' Corner 2019

This year, we have a wonderful selection of Authors signing books in three different areas of the sale: LAB A, LAB B and the Rink (click to see location map). The authors are listed below by name, with the books they are signing. 

List of Authors:

(to read about the author and the book they will be signing, click on their name) 


Patrick Kidd, Clover StroudKate Weinberg, Allie Esiri, Chelsea Renton, Jessica Fellowes, Nick Fry


Prue Leith, Lucinda Miller, Pip Spence


Rory Stewart, Ben Miller, Teddy Keen, Jasbinder Bilan, Matt Brown, Amy Wilson, S.P. Moss,

Kevin Crossley-Holland

Patrick Kidd

...has been with The Times since 2001; he is the longest-serving editor of the Diary column in the paper’s history. His extensive political sketch-writing experience is brilliantly showcased in his latest book, The Weak are a Long Time in Politics: Sketches from the Brexit Neverendum. Humorous, incisive and with deep insights into the maelstrom world of current British politics, this is a hilarious anthology which will make a wonderful Christmas stocking filler to enliven dark evenings!

Kidd_Weak are jacket.jpg
Stroud_author photo copyright Paul Clark
Clover Stroud

...mother, writer, journalist and broadcaster, has written one of the most striking and moving memoirs of recent years, The Wild Other. With fearless honesty she describes how the trauma caused by her mother’s accident when she was a teenager set her on a journey that took her to the brink of self-destruction. It is also about the power of nature both to devastate and to heal. “This story - so fierce and brave and visceral and raw - will stay with me forever.” – Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love.

Stroud_Wild Other jacket.jpg

  © Paul Clarke

Kate Weinberg a novelist, whose debut novel The Truants has been critically acclaimed.  Described as “Deeply affecting and entirely gripping…Weinberg is a major talent” by Alain de Botton and “Like a wickedly brilliant Donna Tartt, Agatha Christie and Liane Moriarty all mixed into one” by Scarlett Curtis, she tackles first love, obsession and the boundaries of self-identity with an abundance of twists. Readers describe it as unputdownable and suspenseful. A must-have!

Weinberg Truants jacket.jpg

Photo by James Rawlings

Allie Esiri

...can only be described as the doyenne of making classic poetry and literature come alive for a wide audience; we are very excited that she will be signing the already bestselling Shakespeare for Every Day of the Year. Shakespeare wrote at least 37 plays, 154 sonnets and a handful of longer poems and you can discover them all here. Each page of this unique collection contains an extract, matched to the date. A beautiful gift anthology, you will need at least one copy!

Esiri_Shakespeare jacket.jpg
Renton_author photo_edited.jpg
Chelsea Renton an acclaimed portrait artist who has spent her career observing the British in all their foibles, follies, warts and wrinkles. Her funny, affectionate, painfully accurate cartoons have been featured in the Oldie for many years, and are now published in a book, A Field Guide to the Peoples of the British Isles. Discover the weird, loveable and inexplicable variety of beings populating these isles, each with their own delightful quirks and oddities. A superb Christmas present.

Renton_Field Guide jacket.jpg
Jessica Fellowes a novelist and writer, the author of the bestselling companion books to Downton Abbey. Former deputy editor of Country Life, she has written for the Daily Telegraph, Guardian and the Sunday Times. She will be signing copies of The Mitford Murders series of novels, the latest of which is The Mitford Scandal, which features Diana Mitford in turbulent 1920s Europe, at a time of scandalous affairs, political upheaval and murder. Glamorous thrillers, these are a Christmas treat.

Fellowes_Bright Young Dead jacket.jpg
Fellowes_Mitford Murders jacket.jpg
Fellowes_Mitford Scandal jacket.jpg

Photo by Emilia Gutierrez

Fry_author photo_edited.jpg
Nick Fry

...was deeply embedded in the F1 racing industry for over two decades. Survive Drive Win is an amazing story of success against the odds, of how he built a new F1 team, Brawn GP, from the ashes of the Honda team after it was abruptly dissolved, and within a few short weeks go on to win the World Championship. Inspirational and gripping in equal measure, this is the ultimate insider’s account.

Fry_Survive Drive jacket.jpg
Leith_author photo.jpg
Prue Leith

...needs no introduction as a national treasure, cook, and judge on The Great British Bake Off. She is also a novelist, and this year has seen the publication of the third in her Angelotti family trilogy The Lost Son. We are thrilled to be welcoming Prue to Authors’ Corner where she will be signing copies of the Angelotti trilogy, as well as her latest cookbook, Prue: My All-time Favourite Recipes.

Leith_Prue jacket.jpg
Leith_Lost Son jacket.jpg
Lucinda Miller somebody we all need: a nutrition expert who has produced a recipe book full of healthy food that children will actually eat. Lucinda has a naturopathic practice and is passionate about building healthy eating habits for children and adults alike, through food that is delicious. The Good Stuff has recipes to suit all ages, including lots of simple lunchbox and snack ideas, how to build lots of vegetables in and cakes and biscuits without excessive sugar.

Miller L_Good Stuff jacket.jpg
Pip Spence a food stylist and writer who worked with the Jamie Oliver Food Team for 8 years. She has collaborated with several famous chefs and her work is featured in bestselling food publications and television programmes. Pip can show you how to wow guests and family alike with her beautiful book Posh Tarts. With over 70 amazing recipes for breakfast tarts, meat tarts, fish tarts, vegetable tarts and sweet tarts, this is a fabulous gift for you and your baking relatives.

Spence_Posh Tarts jacket.jpg
Stewart_author photo_edited.jpg
Rory Stewart

...has been much in the news of late; but as well as being a politician, he is also a highly-accomplished author. His book The Places In Between about his epic walk across Afghanistan in 2002 was hailed as an instant classic and won several awards. More recently he has written another travelogue closer to home, on walking through the borderland between England and Scotland with his father in The Marches. An unmissable opportunity to get signed copies and meet Rory! *signing from 10:00am - 10:45am*

Stewart_Places jacket.jpg
Ben Miller an actor and writer, celebrated for his comedy work, including starring as Rowan Atkinson’s sidekick Bough in the Johnny English films. Authors’ Corner is delighted to welcome Ben back after his sell out success last year with The Night I Met Father Christmas. His new book is The Boy Who Made the World Disappear. What happens when a boy with a temper gets given a black hole? Adventure, time travel and twists of fate ensue. Be first in the queue to get your signed copy!

Miller_Boy who made jacket.jpg

Photo by Faye Thomas

Keen_author photo_edited.jpg
Teddy Keen

...illustrator and explorer, is signing copies of The Lost Book of Adventure. You’ll be transported by riveting tales from around the globe, all told in lyrical prose and illustrations that wonder at the mysterious beauty of the wild. Information to inspire your own adventure on wild camping, rafting, exploration, dens and building a fire is accompanied by more specific skills like baking campfire bread, creating a toothbrush from a twig, making a suture from soldier ants, and even how to pan for gold. This has had rave reviews and is an absolute must-have for children of all ages!

Keen_Lost Book Adventure jacket.jpg
Bilan_author photo_edited.jpg
Jasbinder Bilan

...was, according to family legend, born in a stable close to the foothills of the Himalayas. Until she was a year and a half, she lived on a farm inhabited by a grumpy camel and a monkey called Oma. The incredible bond with her grandmother was the inspiration for her first children’s novel Asha and the Spirit Bird, a gorgeously original magical-realist Indian adventure and the winner of the 2017 Times/Chicken House Children's Fiction Competition.

Bilan_Asha jacket.jpg
Matt Brown_edited.jpg
Matt Brown

...the ever-popular author and broadcaster, has been busy writing his latest two books  – Killer Vending Machines Wrecked my Lunch and Mutant Zombies Cursed my School Trip – and we’re very pleased that he will be signing copies of both, as well as the Compton Valance series about a boy who accidentally creates his own time machine out of a disgusting 13-week-old sandwich.

Brown_Mutant Zombies jacket.jpg
Brown_Killer Vending Machines jacket.jpg
Brown_Compton Valance jacket.jpg
Amy Wilson a well-known children’s writer; she is the author of several critically acclaimed novels, including A Girl Called Owl which was nominated for the CILIP Carnegie Medal. Her latest book is Shadows of Winterspell - a wintery magical adventure about a lonely girl who lives on the edge of a forest; as she discovers more about her identity she realises that uncovering her family secret is the only way to release the forest from the grip of a dark and old magic.

Wilson_A Girl Called Owl Jacket.jpg
Wilson_Shadows jacket.jpg

Photo by Christopher Ratcliffe

Moss_author photo.jpg
S.P. Moss

...has flying and travel in her blood; she read avidly from an early age in between plotting to become a spy and building brother-proof camps. Now grown-up she has written three award-winning retro-style adventure books for 9-12 year olds. Billy, the hero of The Past is a Dangerous Country stories must use his wits on missions and mysteries involving mad dictators, spies, bombs and baddies; danger and excitement awaits.

Moss_Burmeon Jacket.jpg
Moss_Teutonia Jacket.jpg
Moss_Al-Eden Jacket.jpg
Crossley-Holland_Norse Myths jacket.jpg
Crossley-Holland_author photo.jpg
Kevin Crossley-Holland

...who has translated Beowulf and is an expert in Norse mythology, is “a natural storyteller who wears his learning lightly. He writes beautifully, dramatically and accessibly” (The Times). We are hugely delighted that the Carnegie Medal-winning author and poet will be signing copies of three of his gorgeous and stunningly illustrated anthologies: Norse Myths, Between Worlds: Folktales of Britain and Ireland and The Animals Grimm; these are perfect Christmas gifts.

Crossley-Holland_Animals Grimm
Crossley-Holland_Between Worlds jacket.j