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Authors' Corner has been a major fixture and highlight of the Dragon Sale for many years. In normal times it functions as a sort of 'mini-literary festival', with the chance to meet authors and get signed copies of their latest books, which can make special Christmas presents for family and friends.

​This year we are offering the chance to order signed copies from a very special group of authors. Orders must be made by 4th December. Authors will sign their names but not do personal messages.

All Authors’ Corner operations are underpinned by The Dragon Sale’s ethos of philanthropy. Authors do not get a cut of Authors’ Corner sales but are paid a royalty by their publishers (as with all copies sold anywhere). Publishers generously supply books to The Dragon Sale on very favourable terms. This leaves a very high margin in each book sale – at least 50% of the cover price - to go directly to the charities our children choose. Thank you very much for your support.

Authors & Books 2020:

Sir David Attenborough
'A Life On Our Planet' - £25

Sir David Attenborough needs no introduction; natural history broadcaster extraordinaire his landmark series are known to millions, and he is a tireless advocate for the world’s environment and ecosystems. His new book A Life on our Planet: My Witness Statement and a Vision for the Future is a powerful exploration of not just how we got to this point but potential solutions, offering both the unvarnished truth and reason for hope. As he puts it ‘The natural world is fading. The evidence is all around. It has happened during my lifetime. I have seen it with my own eyes. It will lead to our destruction. Yet there is still time to switch off the reactor. There is a good alternative. This book is the story of how we came to make this, our greatest mistake, and how, if we act now, we can yet make it right.’ Authors’ Corner is honoured that Sir David will sign copies for us; an unmissable opportunity.

**NB please note we only have 200 signed copies we can supply. We therefore advise orders are placed as early as possible; copies will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Orders are therefore restricted to 1 copy per family to try to ensure that as many families as possible may obtain a copy**

Oz Clarke
'English Wine' - £16.99

Oz Clarke is Britain’s most popular wine writer. He is the author of a collection of bestselling and award-winning wine books and wine industry accolades. Known throughout the world for his phenomenal palate, irreverent style, accurate predictions and enthusiasm, he has long been a champion of English wines. No longer an outlier, the modern view is of a country amazingly blessed with vast tracts of soil suitable for viticulture, much of it almost indistinguishable from the chalky slopes of Champagne and Chablis, and of a country taking full advantage of the vagaries of climate change to ripen Chardonnay and Pinot Noir to levels perfect for sparkling wine, and increasingly excellent still wines. Both wine handbook and armchair companion, English Wine is an essential book for all lovers of wine. This book helps you find the best wines, from fizz, whites, some impressive reds and even dessert and orange wines. From Yorkshire to the far west of Cornwall and across to Wales, a small but dynamic part of the UK's wine movement, Oz recommends wines he has enjoyed and found interesting and encourages you to try for yourself – a signed copy would make a perfect Christmas present for family and friends!

Copywright Jay Armstrong

Catherine Hyde
'The Hare And The Moon' - £15

Catherine Hyde is an artist, writer and award-winning illustrator. She describes her work as ‘striving to create an atmosphere that touches upon the liminal, evoking visceral sensations, moments or memories of being the watcher in the landscape, witness to the wild movements of birds and animals.’ Her works evoke the ethereal, dark beauty of landscape and fauna, often featuring hares, owls and stags. Her latest book, The Hare and the Moon: A Calendar of Paintings is a full colour country almanac, following the phases of the moon and a hare’s journey throughout the twelve months of the year in a lyrical tribute to the natural world.

‘The vibrant and atmospheric paintings and the way they bring to life the flora and fauna of the British countryside make this book one that resonates … A book to treasure’ - The Field. ‘This simply stunning tome would make the perfect gift or coffee table book.’ - Countryside Magazine. A wonderful chance to get copies signed by the artist herself; one to keep, more to give away would be a great idea!

Christopher LLoyd
Britannica All New Children's Encyclopedia - £25

Christopher Lloyd is an Authors’ Corner favourite where his bestselling, large-format, highly illustrated books have been very popular over several years. 2020 sees the publication of perhaps his biggest project yet, as editor of the first new encyclopedia from Britannica in over eight years, with all new material, more than a thousand illustrations, and with experts behind every page. Designed for 8-12 year olds, it is an encyclopedia for the 21st century, written in chapters rather than A-Z, and making it clear that we don’t always know the answers. The Telegraph describes it as ‘a cartwheeling compendium of interconnected facts, questions, answers and not-sures, and bursting with colourful visuals and snappy paragraphs.’ Beautifully produced at over 400 pages, this would make a brilliant and enduring Christmas gift.

Photo by Faye Thomas

Ben Miller
'The Day I Fell into a Fairytale' - £12.99

Ben Miller, familiar to many in his high-profile roles in Death in Paradise and the Johnny English films amongst others, has an established Dragon fanbase, with his brilliant previous two books. Luckily for us he has a new book out, The Day I Fell into a Fairytale. Hidden in the strange new supermarket in town, Lana discovers a portal to a fairytale world! But these aren’t the happy-ever-after fairytales that Lana knows, they are darker and more dangerous, and the characters need Lana’s help to defeat an evil witch. But she can’t do it alone. Can she convince Harrison to believe in stories again and journey to the world with her . . . before it’s too late? Inspired by the stories of the Brothers Grimm, this would make an excellent present for 8+ whether to complete the set so far or to discover Ben’s writing for the first time.

Nicholas Shakespeare
'The Sandpit' - £16.99

Nicholas Shakespeare, OD, is a world-renowned prize-winning novelist whose works have been translated into more than 20 languages. Author’s Corner are delighted that he will sign copies of his new novel. The Sandpit is a literary thriller, set in Oxford and it features a prep school that is based on the Dragon. When John Dyer returns to Oxford from Brazil with his young son, he doesn't expect to find them both in danger. His time living on the edge as a foreign correspondent in Rio is over. Yet the rainy streets of this English city turn out to be just as treacherous as those he used to walk in the favelas. Leandro's schoolmates are the children of influential people, among them an international banker, a Russian oligarch, an American CIA operative and a British spook. As they congregate round the sports field for the weekly football matches, the network of alliances and covert interests soon becomes clear to Dyer. But it is a chance conversation with an Iranian nuclear scientist, father of a friend of Leandro, that sets him onto a truly precarious path. ‘A remarkable contemporary thriller - with shades of Graham Greene and Le Carré about it...Brilliantly observed, captivatingly written, grippingly narrated - a triumph' - William Boyd. 

Cannon Pictures

Matthew Syed
'Dare to be You' - £9.99

Matthew Syed is an author, multi-award-winning journalist for The Times and a regular contributor to television and radio. As well as writing bestselling books on the subject of mindset and high performance he has also written two acclaimed children’s books, and we’re thrilled that he will sign copies of Dare to be You. Drawing examples from sport, science and even business, Dare to Be You empowers young readers to follow their own path, love what makes them different and question the world around them. With a mix of hilarious text, stylish illustration, personal insights and inspiring real-life examples, including Greta Thunberg and Malala Yousafzai, Matthew Syed introduces children to the power of diverse thinking. When you stop doubting yourself, embrace change and let your kindness loose, you become your own action hero. This groundbreaking, practical and positive book will help kids develop the inner confidence to grow into happy adults who know - and, more importantly, LIKE - themselves. ‘Matthew Syed's first book for children, You Are Awesome, was a massive hit...This is the sequel and we reckon it's just as good, if not better...With lively text, stylish illustrations and real-life sets out to encourage young readers to build their confidence and resilience and follow their own path in life’ - The Independent. ‘Hugely inspiring and should be read by every teen on the planet.’ - Press Association.

Photo by Flynn Maxwell Warren

Valentine Warner
'The Consolation of Food' - £20


Valentine Warner is a cook, food writer and broadcaster. He was a chef in London’s kitchens for several years before running his own catering company. Valentine’s deep love of cooking, nature and travel has seen him make eight TV series whilst contributing to others. His latest book, The Consolation of Food, is, in essence, a story book with food in it. In it he presents a collection of personal stories, seasoned with recipes, to read and make in both happy and troubled times; a book of ‘comfort’ food in the truest sense of the word. From the aching simplicity of toast with butter to the isolation of cooking for one and the pleasure of returning to heart-warming wholesome slow-roasts, one-pot suppers and more – this book is about enjoyment, grief, restlessness, disasters and success. Featuring 75 recipes, The Consolation of Food recognises the affirmative powers of time spent foraging or fishing for ingredients, and of cooking; to soothe the soul, to lift our spirits and to celebrate the pure life-changing and life-affirming joy of good food. 'A touching, honest and often funny read' - The Spectator 'Best cookbooks of 2019' roundup. ‘Time spent with Val is not just time spent in wonderful company but with an intelligent, proper cook – I could sit at a table with this man for days. He cooks like he eats; just delicious, delicious food.’ Angela Hartnett, Chef. A special Christmas present or simply to add to your food writing collection.

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