Donating to the Dragon Sale in 2020

Donating for 2020
We have chosen GoFundMe as a platform for giving as they have 0% platform fees and 100% of Gift Aid goes to the charity. This maximises the money we will be able to disperse to all the charities we want to support.  


Everyone involved in the Dragon Sale is a volunteer: 100% of your donation will go to the charities that need it.   The Dragon Christmas Charity Sale is a registered charity and all our accounts are fully audited annually.  


How do your donations help?
Last year The Dragon Christmas Charity Sale supported 120 different charitable organisations all of which are carefully vetted.  
The Sale considers Charities which support Families and Children locally, nationally and internationally based on 5 key themes:

  -Providing School breakfasts for children in poverty
  -Improving access to Sport for young people
  -Improving access to Education for children in Poverty at home and abroad
  -Lightening the load for children who are young carers 
  -Supporting those children with Mental Health problems, specifically those with special needs or affected by poverty, abuse and neglect

The list of charities and some stories about the change we have enabled can be seen here .

How will the funds raised be disbursed?
It is an integral part of the Sale that the pupils themselves are involved in choosing which charities should benefit from the funds raised.

To read more about the selection process, which happens in the Easter term, involving personal presentations from individual pupils and staff about charities that are important to them, to forms voting on a selection of charities that they look at and review please visit the Philanthropy page. It will be constantly updated showing which charities have been selected to benefit. 

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