Dragon Sale Mission Statement

Each year, on the last day of the Christmas Term, the entire Dragon School community comes together for a fabulous, festive extravaganza known as The Dragon Christmas Charity Sale.  It is a unique occasion for fun and ingenious philanthropic endeavour by children and adults alike, fuelled by many mince pies, and its legacy is deep and long-lasting: last year, the Sale raised an astonishing £206,000 for over 120 different charities that provide life-changing support for children and families in need, both on our doorstep, nationally, and internationally.  


This year there’ll be no wandering around stalls eating mince pies and catching up with friends old and new, instead we have organised a selection of e-market stalls but we are aware this will fall short and so we are also looking for donations, either directly by clicking our donate button in the centre of the home page or by emailing for BACS details.  Many of the charities we support will be relying on us.  

Testament to the astonishing generosity of the Dragon community is the fact that the Dragon Sale raised over £400 per adult attendee in 2019. Isn’t this Christmas, of all years, one where our community must pull together more determinedly than ever before?


Please see our beneficiaries page to read more about the support we were able to give in 2019 to a huge range of charities helping improve the lives of children and their families.

In 2020 we are hopeful to be able to continue this incredible work and so here are some of the causes the children will be voting to support with funds made by the Virtual Sale in 2020:


Providing School Breakfasts to Children in Poverty

Shamefully, 1.8million children in the UK arrive at school with an empty stomach. 


Improving Access to Sport

In the UK, almost 50% of young people don't take part in sport on a weekly basis. 


Access to Education for Children in Poverty abroad

There is a $39 billion deficit in the funding necessary to deliver quality education to all children around the world by 2030.

Lightening the load for children who are young carers 

At least 2 children in every classroom in Oxfordshire are young carers. 


Supporting those children with mental health problems, specifically those with special needs or affected by povery, abuse and neglect. 

1 in 5 children experience a mental health problem at some point during childhood, but many do not get effective, timely support.



In 2020, much has already been asked of all of us.  We hope, however, that our incredible community will feel inspired to keep our big philanthropic effort as effective as ever, by donating directly here and by buying some of the many wonderful things on this website.  All profits go to the Sale charities and each and every contribution can enable these charities to continue their vital work.   


Happy Christmas and thank you very much for your support.    

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