Policies & Guidelines

Dragon Christmas Charity Sale’s Volunteer Guidelines


The Dragon Christmas Charity Sale is organised and run completely by volunteers, who originate from the Dragon School community and are either parents, children or school-staff. The volunteers therefore play a vital role in achieving the goals of this charity and the Dragon Sale could not take place without the hard work and dedication of its volunteers.


Our mission is to create a unique annual event, bringing the whole Dragon School community together, to raise money to support local, national and international charities that help children and families in need. Through the pupils' involvement in the Sale and deciding which charities should become beneficiaries, the values of philanthropy, enterprise and creativity are encouraged and nurtured whilst having fun.


Anyone from the Dragon School community is very welcome to get involved, either during the run-up or on the day of the Sale itself. Parents could offer their services by joining the organising committee, volunteer to help on a stall or support their child or children with their stalls. All support is greatly appreciated.


As the Sale is held at a particularly busy time of year, volunteers are encouraged to ask for help if necessary. Please remember that everyone involved in the Sale is equal, regardless of their position outside the Sale.  All volunteers shall be treated with respect and understanding.


If a difficulty arises, we ask that all volunteers deal with these in an appropriate manner. Should an official complaint need to be made, volunteers are requested to first contact the organising committee who will in turn contact the Dragon Sale’s Trustees if necessary, according to the Complaints policy.


Any expenses incurred by the volunteer can be reimbursed. Please run any potential expenditures by the organising committee beforehand. Any expenses which are not requested for reimbursement will be added to the charity account and disbursed to charities supporting children and families.


The safety and well-being of volunteers and pupils at the Dragon Sale is of the utmost importance. Volunteers may read the school’s Safeguarding policy here (insert link to policy.) All Dragon Sale volunteers should be committed to safeguarding and promoting the safety and welfare of every child at the School and understand that Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility, in line with legislation set out in Keeping Children Safe in Education (Sept 2016) and Working Together to Safeguarding Children (2015). Any concerns may be shared with the Director of Safeguarding, Lindsey Stuart.

Thank you for offering to help with this wonderful event.

Support for the Dragon School Bursary Fund

Each year, the Dragon Sale supports the Dragon School's Bursary Fund. The Fund offers life-changing opportunities for children whose families could never consider the unique benefits of a Dragon education. The Dragon Sale Trustees feel that supporting the fund is in line with the Sale's ethos of supporting children and families. The Dragon Christmas Charity Sale is committed to contributing either 15% of the total money raised or one Day Bursary when possible, as per the mandate agreed in 2011.  The Trustees are pleased to say that the Sale has been able to support a full Day-Pupil throughout their time at the Dragon School since this decision in 2011.